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He's a "Keepper!"

By Deanna
02-18-2013 at 04:10 pm - Posted in: General Collision Repair Blog - 0 Comment

          Leon  Pierce would like to welcome our new Auto-Body Collision Specialist Erik Keepper to our staff this month. Erik is a graduate of the highly accredited Universal Technical Institute and a Platinum ICAR certified technician. He has also acquired his CHIEF framing system and MIG, aluminum, and steel welding certifications. His skills range from aligning frame work to paint/dent repair and everything in between. “I chose collision work because I get to take something so broken and damaged and make it look new again and every job is its own experience. This is a precision field that is always growing. I love it!” answered Keepper when asked how he came to be in the collision profession.

            He will be a significant asset to our body shop with very up-to-date education and training in the ever changing advancements in the collision world. Erik will be performing jobs from start to finish as a combination paint/body repair technician. Having a tech capable of doing “combo” work will enable our shop to not only accept and intake more work but do so while producing the quality and high-standard product we provide here at faster more efficient rates. So please help us welcome Erik to the Leon Pierce family we hope to “Keep” him for the long haul!


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